I have worked in many different musical genres and with many wonderful artists over my career.  Here are a few selections from some of my favorite studio sessions.  In an industry where technology is taking over, I still prefer to use living, breathing musicians in the studio.  My gratitude to the incredible musicians I have been blessed to work with over the years.  Enjoy!  (Click on FREE to download free sheet music.)



Music & lyrics by Jay Richards

Vocals by Megan Heap, Michael DuBois, and Jay Richards

Commissioned by the National Internet Safety Coalition in Washington D.C.—in the style of Schoolhouse Rock.


Composed & produced by Jay Richards

A radio jingle I was hired to write and produce for a Tourism Bureau that could be adapted to three different radio stations with varied listener demographics—Country, Oldies, and Rock.




Cartoon Fanfare

“In the style of” is a great skill to have as a composer.  The animators at BYU asked for a Looney Tunes opening—so I used the motif from the BYU fight song “Rise and shout…”


THe Silence of Speed - Opening Credits

Composed & conducted by Jay Richards

Composed for a short festival film by a young Hollywood director.  The film was initially rejected.  After the orchestral score was added, it won the gold medal at the Worldfest Film Festival.  The power of music!

McGruff opening Sequence

Composed & conducted by Jay Richards



McGruff Action Sequence

Composed & conducted by Jay Richards


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